Saturday, 16 October 2010

Watch DOOTHAITV.NET with Firefox under Ubuntu / Linux

- Ubuntu (or other linux distribution), I personally use Ubuntu, my long time favourite distri.
- Firefox 3.5 or higher

Currently, if you try to access with Firefox, you probably have this:

The problem with DooThaiTV is that they use IE Conditional Comment in their script to display their embedded video with Windows Media Player specially designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer and under Linux, it will show a blank page.

To fix this problem, simply follow the 5 steps below :

1) First of all, install the MediaPlayerConnectivity add-on for Firefox directly from: https://addons.mozil...efox/addon/446/

Restart Firefox and configure it.

2) Install the [if IE] Remover add-on for Firefox directly from https://addons.mozil...x/addon/242191/

Restart Firefox

3) Configure this add-on like follow:

4) Click on the button "New Website" and add the website url like follow:

5) Log-in to your account on DOOTHAITV.NET, and it should work like following...

That's it, and enjoy the video !!!

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